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Sepideh Zoufonoun, founder, Carbon46.

Through Nutritional Therapy, I help clients deal with a wide range of health and lifestyle concerns by offering packages and a variety of a la carte options such as meal preparation using whole foods, pantry overhaul, supplement suggestions and cooking for a new you.


Time to be your best self


Nutrition Plans

Carbon46 offers many services to help you discover and experience new foods and lifestyle choices. We start with data gathering with a comprehensive nutritional assessment tool to reveal your strengths and weaknesses in the six foundations of Nutritional Therapy: diet, digestion, blood sugar regulation, essential fatty acid balance, mineral balance and hydration. The work continues one-on-one to create and implement a plan that works and supports your healthier lifestyle.


In addition to the nutrition plans, Carbon46 offers A La Carte Sessions to help you organize and stock your pantry, shop for foods that best serve you, and cook delicious, whole food meals that nourish your well being. Through these programs and your individual package, you will be able to establish a shift in your lifestyle that allows you to experience ultimate health, balance, and joy! We will address digestive health, blood sugar handling, and anti-inflammation in addition to any health and lifestyle concerns that you may have.


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